Watch Who You Choose To Follow

Seems as though everyone is finding their place in victimhood instead of in the world. Maybe it’s easier to block a highway, advocate killing police or fight for religion than to aspire to use your talents in finding your purpose. As a woman I could use men as and excuse for my issues, but I prefer to find my power in blaming and fixing myself.

I personally don’t care where, or if  you worship. The color of your skin, sexual orientation, race or culture mean nothing to me, for I am far to busy being productive to care. I do care about the future of freedom for our children (Please note the collective word our).  We put our faith in religion, government and organizations instead of ourselves and humanity to solve problems, leaving all of humanity void of compassion,intelligence or solutions. All three of the aforementioned institutions have failed humanity over and over for centuries, yet we still desperately ache for their long overdue success. Kind of gives new meaning to “If you want it done right, do it yourself.”

We have governments and religions thoughout the world stealing our money, free thought and ability to cooperate because they want the power we need  to govern ourselves. Black Lives Matter for example is far from unifying or empowering. They  encourage and enable you to block kids in ambulances, people needing to get home or to work, and quietly suggest it’s okay to kill police. “Divide and Conquer” is the world government phrase of the day and you buy into. I don’t see a lot of NRA members protesting, in fact I see great restraint in them for not shooting you! Do you ever notice that our president vilifies this organization, while welcoming the most blatant trojan horse ever? Can’t have world socialism and totalitarian governments with so many people, it just isn’t cost effective.

Yes, I am a bit of a conspirasist. I see world leaders, religious leaders and sweet little social organizations spewing divisive rhetoric, implementing disastrous policies and failing miserably in ways that defy common sense. They encourage hate and entitlement within their followers, yet nobody wonders as to where their funding originates. I guess it doesn’t matter as long as you can behave however you wish for your precious cause, even if it inconveniences others. To hell with the kid whose dad isn’t coming home today because you only saw him as a cop, and not as a father, husband or son. REALLY! Humanity is no longer! We will soon give up all of our freedom, prosperity and ability to achieve diversity, not realizing you are trading it for a totalitarian government.

I see all kinds and colors in those violent protests. They are nothing but useful tools that believe they will achieve some rank or obtain some romantasized fame like the youth of the sixties. When we have shown our inability to value and cooperate with each other, you too will loose everything. You will only have remorse for your actions when we become the Middle East; where dictators rule by teaching hate for another and strive to keep it that way.  We can bask in the glow of the Dark Ages! It’s a good thing I enjoy camping.

Some believe this is natural and okay, it curbs over population. Well, the elitist are okay with this because their wealth will protect them, but it will not protect you. We are all minions whose farts, need for electricity and lack of Ivy League education make the rest of us too inferior to worry about the loss of innocent life. They really don’t care about you! May you feel the sting of Karma when it’s you, your child or friend whose gas emmissions were “just adding to the problem of climate change and overpopulation anyway.”

We are a gullible bunch of sheep, awaiting to be dined on by wolves. I wonder what wine they will pare us with?

Past Lives Matter

Gratitude. I was once asked why long deceased ancestors were of such an interest to me. I wish I could have summed it up so easily when I’ve been asked. The answer is gratitude. It’s been said that those that don’t understand history are doomed to repeat it, and as this is true; those that don’t understand history cannot be grateful for the blessings they have today.

As I wander up the branches of my family tree I find the wealth, poverty, talent and profound loss that those who eventually gave me life endured. I sit in my comfortable bed writing on a laptop, knowing that a distant great grandmother lost both parents and a brother around the tender age of 18 on a ship called The Mayflower. She married shortly after to a gentleman who was actually proposing on the behalf of another. One of my distant great grandfathers went missing and was never found, another died at 34 erecting a windmill on the farm that fed his family.

Oh the many wonders I find on those branches that support me. I am nothing but a mere twig, nourished by the love and sacrifice of the people that made my life possible. They loved me before they new me, putting forth courage with the knowledge that their endeavors could take their lives or well beings in hopes that I would have it better.

I doesn’t matter if you descended from royalty, peasants or slaves. It only matters that someone loved you knowing that they would never meet you or hold you. As we protest, claim entitlements we didn’t earn, and find piddly ass excuses for our filthy behavior and hate; let’s reflect for a moment and be grateful. ~ Past Lives Matter.



Just Hangin’

Well, it’s been a while. Since my last post I’ve had wisdom teeth pulled, a terrible cold that’s going around work, a full-time job, and a busy 7-year old. Excuses, excuses. Yes, I will admit I’ve had a bit of writers block due to the fatigue, the new camera, and the starting of a small business…..and more writers block.

Life gets busy. The noise of the primaries, bathroom choices, how to stop bullying, and the victimization of all groups walking the earth, can get a bit overwhelming at times. We all have an opinion, but no solutions to any of the small fires that distract us from the sodomization our dear world leaders inflict upon us.

Sometimes, one just needs a break, and a glass of wine, with a drag off a smoke. Without hang time we lose ourselves, and only become harder to find when the forest of life becomes overgrown; kinda like the hair on my legs after a cold, busy winter.

So take sometime to hang once in a while. You may just find, and fix yourself. This just may be the fix that this world needs.


Dear Bruce Springsteen

What a man you are for cancelling  a show in North Carolina over bathroom privileges. I could care less how someone chooses to dress, or what sex they choose to marry. I will bake cakes for homosexual weddings, although it may be mediocre due to my lack of decorating skills. That being said, many of your fans feel the same as you and I, yet you cancel a show due to their state legislature. Your job sir, is to entertain! Since when are you paid to make political statements?

Although I am open-minded, I am a 5′ 3″ female, you are not. It is very easy for some man to dress as a woman and enter a bathroom intended for women with less than pure intentions. You seem to think the rights of a minority of men supersedes my right to public safety. I guess it’s easy for you with a masculine build to allow women that prefer to dress as men into your rest room, however, maybe you should step into my shoes and try to understand my concerns. Another question I have is,”Do you even use public restrooms or road side bathrooms with your celebrity and financial status?” One has to wonder.

Maybe you should get off your celebrity high horse and show a little empathy for us “little people.” Some of us aren’t ignorant, we just happen to have concerns that you are incapable of understanding with the luxuries you have attained. Come down to my world and size, and maybe you will understand that you can be as ignorant as the rest of us.

I Voted Today, Was it Worth the Time?

Out into the freezing rain after a long day on the job and yet my day wasn’t over, for I had one more important stop to make. I stood in line for almost an hour awaiting my turn at the ballot box wondering if it really made a difference. What difference does my vote make when neither candidate running on either side, could give two shits less about any of us that they serve?

Our government serves a lot of lobbyists, pity me victim groups, foreign interest and God knows who else, but it’s very clear that they don’t serve us. They divide us awaiting a massive power grab. They have lowered we as women, minorities, religions, sexual orientations and classes into victim status, pitting us against each other despite major progress in the 44 years that I have lived to see. Despite increased money thrown at education and student loans we have all been dumbed-down enough to fall for it, and it’s embarrassing!

Until We the People stop buying their crappy bill of goods, and worrying about our own petty interest, instead of what is best for the nation as a whole, America will continue to sink. The 4 remaining candidates are all sleazy liars, and as far as this election is concerned, I don’t believe that there is a lesser of evils. We have become a pathetic nation of whiners and political pawns playing into which ever party seduced us, only to be let down like jilted lovers.

I went to vote anyway despite the sleet and rain, reserving my right to bitch when the next wave of politicians let us down. Maybe we will wise up in the next election cycle, or maybe the next one after that, if it’s not too late. If we don’t soon understand that National Security and Economic Stability are priorities over tax free tampons, free stuff that isn’t free, and whatever feelings of yours are being hurt that day, we may not have the ability to voice concerns over such issues again. We are falling fast America. Wake up before we hit the ground!

Just Me and My Wine

It’s Saturday night, I’m alone, and I’m okay with that. I do have my 7-year-old with me, but other than him I’m dateless, and have been for almost a year now. I adore men and truly enjoy their company, but I need a break. I never did well dating, and made horrible choices in relationships. As much as I’d love to, I can’t blame men, my parents or any other aspect of society for my failures, I must own them. Someday I would love to have a male companion, but for now, I’ll enjoy experimenting with wine.

Wine and solitude have given me a peace I haven’t enjoyed in years, since childhood I believe. I’ve always sought approval from everyone but myself, and at 44 years old I’ve realized that the only person I need permission from is myself. My need for approval from others has held me back, and regardless of the “why”, I’m the only person with the power to change it, so I’m flying solo until I succeed.

As for tonight, I’m caressing a bottle….oops, I mean glass of pinot noir paired with a pizza and Netflix. I’ve never been happier, and I feel content with myself for the first time in my life. My next 44 years should be a lot fun, now that the seeking approval ship has sailed. Who knows what I’ll come up with next!


I Care About My Country, Not Your Feelings

This election cannot be determined by our opinions of environmental issues, feminism, gay marriage, abortion or animal rights! We must leave our petty, yes I said petty, feelings aside. Our children deserve a sensible government and the same opportunities we, and the generations before us had. We are the most selfish parents that ever came before!

Not only has a growing, overreaching government that WE elected, over-regulated businesses to death, it seeks to divide the races, classes, and religions against each other to pursue a massive power grab which will leave its citizens powerless in the end. Still we worry about our individual feelings. GROW UP!

Our children are going to have nothing left of their paychecks, and receive only the services that the government deems fit, with little competition to provide a reasonable service at best.

It seems as though we have lost our common sense as well. Every country in the world has standards for immigration, yet we let everyone in, because you know, “feelings”. I’m all for people coming here legally, but let’s be honest, it’s not the best elements coming across the border, or they would come legally. If Europe hasn’t been an example of why we shouldn’t be letting hoards of refugees come in from the Middle East, we and the politicians have lost our minds. REALLY?! I guess it’s better to be nice and politically correct than to protect this Great Nation?

It’s a sad day when “feelings” and “appearing to pity people” are more of a concern than the security of a nation and the future of it. I guess image and our fake tolerance supersedes a nations security and the people in it. Remember, a politicians votes can be bought, back room deals made to protect them and their families, they don’t care about you and your family, only the votes they can squeeze from you to keep their jobs.

It doesn’t matter which side of the aisle you vote. Fire them all in the upcoming primaries and elections. It’s time to clean house! It’s time we all start yelling for term limits, and if we aren’t served, vote them out every two terms. We The People must stand together and limit our politicians. Our squabbling is diminishing our power and handing them their rule on a silver platter. Let’s join together and show them who’s boss!

Why Hobbies are Your Number One Asset

Imagine your life without enjoyment. Imagine going out with friends, meeting someone that catches your eye and having nothing to say when asked what you do for fun. Can you imagine looking at that person and saying, “I go to work, go home and watch t.v.” That night however, you happen to be at a bar, so that wonderful, attractive person you just met now thinks you’re an alcoholic. Many employers also ask about your hobbies. They don’t ask this for the purpose of small talk. Your hobbies tell them a lot about your ability to relate to others, find time to unwind and handle stress, and to find out how well-rounded you are and uncover transferable skills.

I understand as a single mom that hobbies can be expensive, but very necessary. Without an outlet to laugh and have fun, life is just pain empty. Find hobbies that you can do by yourself, with friends, and your current or future children. This offers you flexibility to enjoy your own company, entertain friends or spend family time together. Fishing, camping and hiking are very low cost, and often free; and in the event of armegeddon, you’re also a survialist. You can’t lose! Photography is great too, and can be enjoyed indoors and out. It’s expensive to start, but it is an artistic way to put your own design stamp in your home. In a nutshell, hobbies are the best road leading to independence.

To save money, in which I have become a pro at  out of necessity, browse thrift shops, pawn shops and garage sales. Many people buy items new and never use them, after growing tired ot their clutter, you score an almost new item for a fraction of the price. We all know people that do not pursue their interests and unfortunately, we often see the unhealthy results. Hobbies can mean the difference in our overall mental and physical health, keeping depression and obesity at bay, thus decreasing medical costs. Forcing oneself to set aside one to two nights weekly becomes habitual overtime, so get out there and live your life Happily Ever After, even if it’s just you.


Freedom in Faith, Bondage in Religion

Faith written on rural roadI was raised in a church going home and could miss a day of school with more ease than a Sunday at church. Confused by the hypocrisy of my fellow church goers, ministers and other authority figures, I fell away from my strong childhood faith in God and Christ. I questioned every teaching ever dealt to me, exploring everything from Atheism, Wicca, and everything in between. I made life altering mistakes, leaving me hopeless and financially, as well as emotionally depleted.

In my late thirties I had no choice but to go crawling back to God. I had to leave the toxic influences and people behind and rebuild my life. Although rebirth or growth is never a straight and narrow highway, it’s a necessary road one must take. This trip however was to be driven alone. I had to realize that faith is a journey one must travel alone, without man made religion, government intervention, or well-meaning loved ones. Faith is a gift found in solitude when one realizes loneliness and hardship were conquered by an unknown strength from within.

There are two things governments and religions have in common, and it’s control over their subjects hearts and minds. Some are so weak that they kill, ridicule and abuse others in the name of God or Country instead of in defense of them. Real security in ones belief system is not necessarily to lay down and agree with another, but to lay down the hatred and vengeance of another.

Peace on Earth will not be granted by a religion or government, but by us as individuals. For in our hearts in minds we have the power to choose either love or hate, perform good or bad deeds, and to provide or to take. For God, or whatever name your faith names the higher power, does not dwell in institutions, but within us.