On the Edge of 45

As I look back on the years, I realize to my dismay, that it flew by at breakneck speed. There were so many opportunities I should have seized, many I should have left alone. No sense in living with regret however, from here on out I will live life as though it is an adventure, avoid those that seek to hold me back, and hold on to those that accept me as I am. It took 40 years to figure out that people are impossible to please, so please yourself and those meant to be in your life will remain.
I begin my adventures in blogging with hopes that I can assist young women, young people in general, and my own children to live their lives true to themselves, for that is how we best find our purpose to serve others. If you’re entering adulthood, your destiny is up to you, not your parents, politicians or societal expectations. It’s your life! Own it!
Going forward, this blog will provide the building blocks to an independent lifestyle needed to find joy in life. I hope it engages you as readers to think critically, feel confident about your decisions, and to have fun in learning to do so. Whether you’re leaving the nest, starting or changing careers, or exiting a relationship, finding faith in yourself is the key to happiness.

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