Drinking Coffee Alone

There is nothing more peaceful than my balcony in the morning with my steaming hot cup of coffee. As the steam rises I stare at the river bed below admiring the haze between the trees, contemplating my thoughts, belief system and the universe in general. It is the calm before the storm of my day; alone but far from lonely.
It is in this moment that I reflect on the radical elements of society, trying to find middle ground if there is such a thing. I’m not exactly traditional, nor am I ¬†a man hating feminist that blames men for all of her problems, or societies for that matter. A true independent woman will take ownership of her lot in life, her emotions and ability to succeed. She thinks critically and doesn’t believe in the promises of a political party offering government assistance to aid in her happiness, or help her succeed. Government programs to help women have existed for decades, yet despite this, certain parties will still subjuate us to victim status. I find this rather insulting and it’s not buying my vote in this hotly contested election season. Ladies, if we’re gonna roar, we had better start voting with our pocket books and future generations in mind, not our one sided issues.
It is in the quiet of the morning, with my cup in hand, I drink. With only the sound of birds, I form my thoughts and opinions while I read the news in the only moment of peace before work, then coming home to play domestic goddess. This is why I drink my coffee alone.


4 thoughts on “Drinking Coffee Alone

  1. I truly respect your independence and I look up to women of your nature. I completely understand your grounds as they are so similar to mine. I am now following your blog and I look forward to reading more. Your visualization skills in your writing are phenomenal!

    I just launched my newest blog, and I think you would take great interest in it. The focus is toward women learning to love themselves. I’m literally pledging myself single for one entire year to help women appreciate themselves. I’d appreciate your comments, input and and following if you find it worth your time!

    Mandy’s Pledge to a Year of Self-Love

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    1. Thank you for your comment, I truly appreciate it! I look forward to following your blog as I made the same pledge of not dating for a year to focus on myself. It has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. I have grown so much and will hopefully make better decisions in regards to relationships when this is complete.

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