Fear of those First Words

Starting a blog at my age can be a bit scary, it’s like starting a whole new career after 22 years of nursing. Oh wait, I did that! Of course I did a lot of writing in college, even high school, and also in my spare time between work and kids. The difference today is it’s out there to be shared, criticized or celebrated. I can’t wait to see where this adventure takes me.
I hope in starting this new endeavor that I not only grow as a writer, but inspire independent thinking and fearless discussion in others. I look forward to connecting with new people and receiving advice or criticism that enables me push further and do better. To buffer any stress that this may cause me, I just want you all to know that I have adequate supplies to get me through.
  1. Bottle of red
  2. Bottle of white
  3. Chocolate
  4. Coffee
  5. If I’m lucky, 8 hours of sleep. Good Night!


5 thoughts on “Fear of those First Words

  1. I love finding a new beginning of writing and sharing your passion with the world. It’s exciting and we have so many thoughts firing that melatonin and wine is what we tend to stock up on the most! But let us see where it takes us!!! This is how we leave our legacy.


      1. You know what, girl? I’m with you on that one! Finishing some laundry in the bathtub (washer machine decided to break) and Ubering off to buy some Chardonnay afterward!


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