Why Watch the News?

It seems as though with each election cycle that the media progressively becomes more like a badly scripted reality show. The media is so out of touch with most hardworking Americans, and we don’t have time for that! I don’t sit down and watch regularly anymore because I feel lied to and insulted every time I’m subjected to it; kind of like watching the Kardashians.
What the media fails to realize is that the average American is smarter than they believe, we know how to look up reliable statistics and facts on the internet, and we form our own opinions. Middle America is waking up with a really bad hangover from the bill of goods that we have been sold from both sides of the aisle. People seem to be paying more attention on their own this elctions cycle, and that is the reason political misfits like Trump and Sanders are doing so well.
When the media dumbs down Trump supporters and exhalts a Marxist like Sanders, it makes one wonder who really owns our government, academia, and our media. Rioters and criminals are given a free pass, and those exercizing their rights of speech and assembly are vilified. Common sense and compromise simply don’t exist in this “I want it my way, and I want it now society.” 
The media seems bewildered with the rise of Trump and Sanders, thus making them even larger looking idiots. Sanders is quite out there and stimulates the restless youth that have been spoon fed information, rather than facts and free thought. Trump speaks confidently and firmly, and whether one agrees with him or not, he owns his own campaign and his brash tone is refreshing to many that have had it with smooth talking politicains blowing smoke up their asses.
The mainstream media better wake up and serve their viewers, or they are going to lose more of them. Stop sensationalizing, state the facts and speak to your audience level, not below it. There are enough awful, attention seeking reality shows out there, and I don’t care to watch any of them.

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