Laughing at the Rear View Mirror

Some circumstances in life we cannot control, others we can and occassionally choose not to. Looking back I either wonder, or know that I made the right choice, and then there are the self-deprecating face palms of decisions past that I will not detail to protect the innocent, as well as the accomplices.

One should always atone for actions that hurt another so that all parties involved can effectively move on. Shame and guilt cannot linger in the soul and must be released. Failing to forgive oneself inhibits personal growth, happiness and even economic success that one needs to fully contribute to society. We cannot give to others what we refuse to receive for ourselves, and sadly it took over 40 years for me to figure this out.

I no longer look back on my life with doubt, only joys and lessons learned. I realize some of my failures became blessings or a dodged bullet, and others nothing more than an educational experience that should never be repeated. The choice I do have is my perception of any given circumstance, and the attitude I choose to have navigating those circumstances. When all is said and done, perception and attitude are the most valuable tools we own.

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