Why Hobbies are Your Number One Asset

Imagine your life without enjoyment. Imagine going out with friends, meeting someone that catches your eye and having nothing to say when asked what you do for fun. Can you imagine looking at that person and saying, “I go to work, go home and watch t.v.” That night however, you happen to be at a bar, so that wonderful, attractive person you just met now thinks you’re an alcoholic. Many employers also ask about your hobbies. They don’t ask this for the purpose of small talk. Your hobbies tell them a lot about your ability to relate to others, find time to unwind and handle stress, and to find out how well-rounded you are and uncover transferable skills.

I understand as a single mom that hobbies can be expensive, but very necessary. Without an outlet to laugh and have fun, life is just pain empty. Find hobbies that you can do by yourself, with friends, and your current or future children. This offers you flexibility to enjoy your own company, entertain friends or spend family time together. Fishing, camping and hiking are very low cost, and often free; and in the event of armegeddon, you’re also a survialist. You can’t lose! Photography is great too, and can be enjoyed indoors and out. It’s expensive to start, but it is an artistic way to put your own design stamp in your home. In a nutshell, hobbies are the best road leading to independence.

To save money, in which I have become a pro at  out of necessity, browse thrift shops, pawn shops and garage sales. Many people buy items new and never use them, after growing tired ot their clutter, you score an almost new item for a fraction of the price. We all know people that do not pursue their interests and unfortunately, we often see the unhealthy results. Hobbies can mean the difference in our overall mental and physical health, keeping depression and obesity at bay, thus decreasing medical costs. Forcing oneself to set aside one to two nights weekly becomes habitual overtime, so get out there and live your life Happily Ever After, even if it’s just you.


One thought on “Why Hobbies are Your Number One Asset

  1. I agree! Everybody needs to do a little something here and there to make our lives worth living! Hobbies help with depression, anxiety, and regular life frustrations in general. Mentally and emotionally soothing!

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