I Care About My Country, Not Your Feelings

This election cannot be determined by our opinions of environmental issues, feminism, gay marriage, abortion or animal rights! We must leave our petty, yes I said petty, feelings aside. Our children deserve a sensible government and the same opportunities we, and the generations before us had. We are the most selfish parents that ever came before!

Not only has a growing, overreaching government that WE elected, over-regulated businesses to death, it seeks to divide the races, classes, and religions against each other to pursue a massive power grab which will leave its citizens powerless in the end. Still we worry about our individual feelings. GROW UP!

Our children are going to have nothing left of their paychecks, and receive only the services that the government deems fit, with little competition to provide a reasonable service at best.

It seems as though we have lost our common sense as well. Every country in the world has standards for immigration, yet we let everyone in, because you know, “feelings”. I’m all for people coming here legally, but let’s be honest, it’s not the best elements coming across the border, or they would come legally. If Europe hasn’t been an example of why we shouldn’t be letting hoards of refugees come in from the Middle East, we and the politicians have lost our minds. REALLY?! I guess it’s better to be nice and politically correct than to protect this Great Nation?

It’s a sad day when “feelings” and “appearing to pity people” are more of a concern than the security of a nation and the future of it. I guess image and our fake tolerance supersedes a nations security and the people in it. Remember, a politicians votes can be bought, back room deals made to protect them and their families, they don’t care about you and your family, only the votes they can squeeze from you to keep their jobs.

It doesn’t matter which side of the aisle you vote. Fire them all in the upcoming primaries and elections. It’s time to clean house! It’s time we all start yelling for term limits, and if we aren’t served, vote them out every two terms. We The People must stand together and limit our politicians. Our squabbling is diminishing our power and handing them their rule on a silver platter. Let’s join together and show them who’s boss!

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