I Voted Today, Was it Worth the Time?

Out into the freezing rain after a long day on the job and yet my day wasn’t over, for I had one more important stop to make. I stood in line for almost an hour awaiting my turn at the ballot box wondering if it really made a difference. What difference does my vote make when neither candidate running on either side, could give two shits less about any of us that they serve?

Our government serves a lot of lobbyists, pity me victim groups, foreign interest and God knows who else, but it’s very clear that they don’t serve us. They divide us awaiting a massive power grab. They have lowered we as women, minorities, religions, sexual orientations and classes into victim status, pitting us against each other despite major progress in the 44 years that I have lived to see. Despite increased money thrown at education and student loans we have all been dumbed-down enough to fall for it, and it’s embarrassing!

Until We the People stop buying their crappy bill of goods, and worrying about our own petty interest, instead of what is best for the nation as a whole, America will continue to sink. The 4 remaining candidates are all sleazy liars, and as far as this election is concerned, I don’t believe that there is a lesser of evils. We have become a pathetic nation of whiners and political pawns playing into which ever party seduced us, only to be let down like jilted lovers.

I went to vote anyway despite the sleet and rain, reserving my right to bitch when the next wave of politicians let us down. Maybe we will wise up in the next election cycle, or maybe the next one after that, if it’s not too late. If we don’t soon understand that National Security and Economic Stability are priorities over tax free tampons, free stuff that isn’t free, and whatever feelings of yours are being hurt that day, we may not have the ability to voice concerns over such issues again. We are falling fast America. Wake up before we hit the ground!

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