Dear Bruce Springsteen

What a man you are for cancelling  a show in North Carolina over bathroom privileges. I could care less how someone chooses to dress, or what sex they choose to marry. I will bake cakes for homosexual weddings, although it may be mediocre due to my lack of decorating skills. That being said, many of your fans feel the same as you and I, yet you cancel a show due to their state legislature. Your job sir, is to entertain! Since when are you paid to make political statements?

Although I am open-minded, I am a 5′ 3″ female, you are not. It is very easy for some man to dress as a woman and enter a bathroom intended for women with less than pure intentions. You seem to think the rights of a minority of men supersedes my right to public safety. I guess it’s easy for you with a masculine build to allow women that prefer to dress as men into your rest room, however, maybe you should step into my shoes and try to understand my concerns. Another question I have is,”Do you even use public restrooms or road side bathrooms with your celebrity and financial status?” One has to wonder.

Maybe you should get off your celebrity high horse and show a little empathy for us “little people.” Some of us aren’t ignorant, we just happen to have concerns that you are incapable of understanding with the luxuries you have attained. Come down to my world and size, and maybe you will understand that you can be as ignorant as the rest of us.

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