Just Hangin’

Well, it’s been a while. Since my last post I’ve had wisdom teeth pulled, a terrible cold that’s going around work, a full-time job, and a busy 7-year old. Excuses, excuses. Yes, I will admit I’ve had a bit of writers block due to the fatigue, the new camera, and the starting of a small business…..and more writers block.

Life gets busy. The noise of the primaries, bathroom choices, how to stop bullying, and the victimization of all groups walking the earth, can get a bit overwhelming at times. We all have an opinion, but no solutions to any of the small fires that distract us from the sodomization our dear world leaders inflict upon us.

Sometimes, one just needs a break, and a glass of wine, with a drag off a smoke. Without hang time we lose ourselves, and only become harder to find when the forest of life becomes overgrown; kinda like the hair on my legs after a cold, busy winter.

So take sometime to hang once in a while. You may just find, and fix yourself. This just may be the fix that this world needs.