Watch Who You Choose To Follow

Seems as though everyone is finding their place in victimhood instead of in the world. Maybe it’s easier to block a highway, advocate killing police or fight for religion than to aspire to use your talents in finding your purpose. As a woman I could use men as and excuse for my issues, but I prefer to find my power in blaming and fixing myself.

I personally don’t care where, or if  you worship. The color of your skin, sexual orientation, race or culture mean nothing to me, for I am far to busy being productive to care. I do care about the future of freedom for our children (Please note the collective word our).  We put our faith in religion, government and organizations instead of ourselves and humanity to solve problems, leaving all of humanity void of compassion,intelligence or solutions. All three of the aforementioned institutions have failed humanity over and over for centuries, yet we still desperately ache for their long overdue success. Kind of gives new meaning to “If you want it done right, do it yourself.”

We have governments and religions thoughout the world stealing our money, free thought and ability to cooperate because they want the power we need  to govern ourselves. Black Lives Matter for example is far from unifying or empowering. They  encourage and enable you to block kids in ambulances, people needing to get home or to work, and quietly suggest it’s okay to kill police. “Divide and Conquer” is the world government phrase of the day and you buy into. I don’t see a lot of NRA members protesting, in fact I see great restraint in them for not shooting you! Do you ever notice that our president vilifies this organization, while welcoming the most blatant trojan horse ever? Can’t have world socialism and totalitarian governments with so many people, it just isn’t cost effective.

Yes, I am a bit of a conspirasist. I see world leaders, religious leaders and sweet little social organizations spewing divisive rhetoric, implementing disastrous policies and failing miserably in ways that defy common sense. They encourage hate and entitlement within their followers, yet nobody wonders as to where their funding originates. I guess it doesn’t matter as long as you can behave however you wish for your precious cause, even if it inconveniences others. To hell with the kid whose dad isn’t coming home today because you only saw him as a cop, and not as a father, husband or son. REALLY! Humanity is no longer! We will soon give up all of our freedom, prosperity and ability to achieve diversity, not realizing you are trading it for a totalitarian government.

I see all kinds and colors in those violent protests. They are nothing but useful tools that believe they will achieve some rank or obtain some romantasized fame like the youth of the sixties. When we have shown our inability to value and cooperate with each other, you too will loose everything. You will only have remorse for your actions when we become the Middle East; where dictators rule by teaching hate for another and strive to keep it that way.  We can bask in the glow of the Dark Ages! It’s a good thing I enjoy camping.

Some believe this is natural and okay, it curbs over population. Well, the elitist are okay with this because their wealth will protect them, but it will not protect you. We are all minions whose farts, need for electricity and lack of Ivy League education make the rest of us too inferior to worry about the loss of innocent life. They really don’t care about you! May you feel the sting of Karma when it’s you, your child or friend whose gas emmissions were “just adding to the problem of climate change and overpopulation anyway.”

We are a gullible bunch of sheep, awaiting to be dined on by wolves. I wonder what wine they will pare us with?

Past Lives Matter

Gratitude. I was once asked why long deceased ancestors were of such an interest to me. I wish I could have summed it up so easily when I’ve been asked. The answer is gratitude. It’s been said that those that don’t understand history are doomed to repeat it, and as this is true; those that don’t understand history cannot be grateful for the blessings they have today.

As I wander up the branches of my family tree I find the wealth, poverty, talent and profound loss that those who eventually gave me life endured. I sit in my comfortable bed writing on a laptop, knowing that a distant great grandmother lost both parents and a brother around the tender age of 18 on a ship called The Mayflower. She married shortly after to a gentleman who was actually proposing on the behalf of another. One of my distant great grandfathers went missing and was never found, another died at 34 erecting a windmill on the farm that fed his family.

Oh the many wonders I find on those branches that support me. I am nothing but a mere twig, nourished by the love and sacrifice of the people that made my life possible. They loved me before they new me, putting forth courage with the knowledge that their endeavors could take their lives or well beings in hopes that I would have it better.

I doesn’t matter if you descended from royalty, peasants or slaves. It only matters that someone loved you knowing that they would never meet you or hold you. As we protest, claim entitlements we didn’t earn, and find piddly ass excuses for our filthy behavior and hate; let’s reflect for a moment and be grateful. ~ Past Lives Matter.